Melissa Phillips is a native South Central Los Angeles artist who uses creativity to inspire and uplift others by telling her story and sharing her vision through art. Her gravitation and love towards art began as a child and it has always been her freedom of expression without limits. Melissa’s work is inspired by her African American heritage and its undeniable global influence and impact around the world. Being a creator is Melissa’s way of representing her culture’s resilience and its uniquely bold flyness.

After spending time in New York City and graduating from St. John’s University, Melissa moved back to the west coast in 2007 and began freelancing as a graphic designer. In 2019 she was awarded and honored as an Unsung Shero by The Women’s Group of Greater Los Angeles County for her community volunteer work, caregiver work and for doing good things that often go unseen.
Melissa’s artwork has been selected three times to be published in the African American Heritage Cultural Guide by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. 

Melissa aspires to continue to do the work that inspires, helps and heals. She always says, “Art is not math, there is no right or wrong answer. When you birth a vision God gave you, it is a masterpiece. Everyone is a creator, an artist - you just have to stop comparing yourself and your masterpiece to others.”